COTEC ensures a significant competitive advantage due to innovation.

The brand COTEC is well-established in different markets all over the world. Our customers can be found in the ophthalmic and precision optics, surface refinement, display technology and last but not least in the automotive industry.

The young and dynamic team of the company COTEC, together with the goal to grow continuously, gives us always the chance to open new markets. Our own developed DURALON can be found already in the medicine section, luxury goods industry or in the production of watches.

The capabilities of our products has no limits. Same applies for the sales and marketing. COTEC works with representatives in many countries. Never mind if it is in South or North America, Europe, India or Asia, in almost every corner of the world you can find a competent contact person.


Vision Expo West
26.09-29.09, 2018
Las Vegas, Booth No. LP 5100

Paris, Booth No. 5LM021

10.10.2018 – 11.10.2018,
Coventry, Booth No. D 12