Surface finishing

Based on their wide product range in thin layer technology, COTEC is able provide a wide variety of surface refinement including tiny items as well as coating large surface components, from planar objects to complex 3D models.

Our widely varied customer base is provided with extensive surface treatment solutions covering the numerous areas of surface treatment. For one, the focus is on protecting the surface from mechanical damage and wear and tear but also on refinement through functional, anti-static, anti-fogging or anti-fingerprint coatings. The extremely smooth layer additionally creates an easy- to-clean surface.

Our refining and the added value allow customers to integrate our DURAL product range along with the vapor deposition equipment developed for this process into their own production lines. Our corporate philosophy translates into a close liaison with our customers and catering to their individual wishes and requirements.

Our quality management includes not only data sheets and certificates, we offer specific test equipment for the verification of material composition and purity in order to carry out detailed and reproducible inspection of the testing.


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