MATRIX 2.0 - properties and benefits

System characteristics

  • User-friendly, high-resolution printing system for surfaces with and without functional coating
  • Removal of printing ink guaranteed with no residue
  • Individualized print designs possible
  • Standard printing colors available: blue, yellow and magenta
  • OMA interface


The MATRIX 2.0 printing system is designed for manual handling. The Operator places the lenses in the printer manually and starts the printing process after the alignment of the marks included in progressive lenses. The lenses are printed with the design selected.

Please contact us directly if you are interested in the MATRIX 2.0. Our development team will be pleased to prepare an appropriate solution for you.

Technical Specification
Capacity approx. 100-130 Jobs per hour
Type of lenses no restrictions
Surface hydrophobic, oleophobic, AR-, hard coating, uncoated
Lens diameter edged lenses and uncut up to 90mm
Printing resolution 635dpi @ 40µm dots
Line thickness min. 0.3mm recommended
Tolerance max. rotation +/- 0.2°
max. shift +/- 0.2mm
Print design single image or composed image files
Design editor CorelDraw / Adobe Photoshop
Ink solvent-free, pigmented hot melt ink
Colors Cyan, magenta, yellow
Cleaning process cotton cloth with isopropyl alcohol


Vision Expo West
26.09-29.09, 2018
Las Vegas, Booth No. LP 5100

Paris, Booth No. 5LM021

10.10.2018 – 11.10.2018,
Coventry, Booth No. D 12