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COTEC®, with its registered seat in Karlstein/Main, in close proximity to the international airport Frankfurt.

COTEC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SDC Technologies, Inc. with its own research and development and specialized manufacturing plants and production lines.

Boundary layer modification through nanotechnology

COTEC is your partner for PVD and CVD applications in thin layer technology. By bringing the fields of application systems engineering and functional surface modification together, COTEC rounds off their comprehensive service offer in this range.

COTEC is a specified supplier for a wide range of vapor deposition materials and specialty chemicals tailored to your needs. The company is further a subcontractor for users operating nationally and internationally in the automotive, large-area coating, ophthalmics, precision optics, biophotonics, display, metallization, industrial and consumer goods market segments. A globally tightly woven network consisting of partners and suppliers across the world ensures a constant high quality level.
Our customers value the close cooperation which makes us a reliable, active and innovative partner. The focus on current industry developments and requirements, accompanied by customer-specific solutions, ensures the ongoing improvement of quality standards and product range expansion.
Company philosophy



“We invest in personal relations and close cooperation with our customers and suppliers in order to find the solutions for tomorrow’s tasks today.”

The company strives at developing long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers and partners, based on mutual respect and recognition. To the benefit of our customers, personal contact with our global business partners ensures the ongoing and lasting development of coating know-how, thus ensuring the quality of COTEC products. The competitive edge for our customers seen in the long run is what we focus on in our company.


“We ensure the competitive edge of our customers by innovative ideas and solutions that are based on our expertise in coating technology, system engineering and research and development.”

COTEC’s many years of experience in the thin film technology market has shown that close cooperation between global partners, suppliers and customers, optimizes the quality and efficiency of the value chain for our customers.


“Sustainability isn’t just a word - sustainability is a key element of our production processes and development.”

Our company’s adherence to sustainability is seen by the development of the MATRIX digital printing system which enables a precise and eco-friendly coating of progressive lenses without the use of harmful or hazardous solvents or chemicals.


Our business processes are certified according to the international DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standard. This is to ensure our customers high-level efficiency and quality assurance in all departments and interfaces.

Additionally, we are DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 certified and continuously improving our environmentally friendliness.

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