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COTEC® is a specialist in suppling oxides, fluorides and metals for different fields of applications in PVD coating. Beside the standard materials used in business, we provide customer specific solutions, too. Furthermore COTEC has developed its own product group DURALON, a thin film layer system to create hydrophobic and olephobic characteristics for surface modification.

In conjunction with this, COTEC offers process technology for effective solutions with the production of technical coating systems and test units for hydrophobic and oleophobic surface modifications and its quality analysis. COTEC is also a full range supplier of high-quality components and spare parts for electron beam evaporators, ion sources, plasma sources and thermal vaporizers for all common PVD evaporation systems.

PVD material

Evaporation materials for various applications.


The DURALON products compose to a product family with outstanding hydrophobic and oleophobic performance, which gives additional benefits to the surface of your product.


Research and development


The MATRIX printing system is a fast, economic, ecological and safe solution for marking your progressive lenses.


The HCS are coating systems to create hydrophobic and oleophoic modifications to your surface and enables to coat 3D parts in one run.

Accessories for PVD coating systems

Prozess know how and advanced manufacturing technology.

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