Test Devices


The DURATEST from COTEC® is a universal measurement unit which can be used in laboratories and production quality control for determining the contact angle and surface energy. The integration of a holder for two syringes enables fast, selective measurement of surface energy without time-consuming changes to the equipment.

Contact angle measurement unit for coated components: contact angle measurements are usually performed for fast characterization of the surface. A common method used is the sessile drop technique, in which the contact angle formed is determined for a liquid placed on the surface.

The flexible design enables simple exchange of the substrate holder for integrating optional equipment such as a tilting table. The associated measurement software included with delivery enables the unit to be used directly after setup and a brief introduction at your facility.

It is a cost-effective measurement unit, with all functions required for laboratory and production work.


Fast, simple measurement of the contact angle and surface energy without refitting the unit · Connection to conventional laptops · Various software-driven measurement methods · Convenient documentation of measurement results in logs and video · Excellent image quality with high resolution cameras and optics · Optional software extension for measuring surface tension by the hanging drop method available

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