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„Research is what I’m doing when I don’t know what I’m doing“
W. v. Braun

With the DURALON series, COTEC provides a wide range of products for creating outstanding hydrophobic and oleophobic surface properties.

All DURALON products are based on current advanced technologies and formulated on the molecular level for meeting highest quality criteria. Using DURALON, you are creating a permanent, transparent and easy to clean coating that can be applied on various materials such as glass, metals and ceramics.

By reducing the surface energy and increasing the smoothness of the surface, a protection layer is formed against finger prints, dirt and other environmental effects.

Long experience and constant product development with polymer chemistry and process control make COTEC the ideal partner for surface modification by organic substances.

Our development laboratory and in-house manufacturing provide comprehensive solutions for your requirements. We develop individually adapted materials, systems and processes for our customers.

Most of our products can be applied through PVD processes, spray-coating of even immersion.

Performance and application

Although it was originally developed for the ophthalmic industry, DURALON products can be distinguished through their high optical transparency and their thinness at the nanoscale (8-10nm). Despite this thinness, their chemical anchoring onto the treated surface ensures a long-lasting performance. Through our many years of experience in the field of thin layer technologies, we are able to offer you various methods of application.

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