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„Research is what I’m doing when I don’t know what I’m doing“
W. v. Braun

For product development, COTEC GmbH relies on current customers requirements. But they take it even a step further by also keeping a close eye on future developments and products. Ongoing improvements of existing products, customizing them to the customers’ needs or innovative new developments and market launches - it is all included in the research and development department of COTEC GmbH. The interdisciplinary team features scientists with backgrounds in physics, chemistry, biology, mechatronics and computers.

In addition to their own R & D projects, individual government-funded projects, project cooperation with industry partners, as well as joint projects within the context of ZIM (The Central Innovation Program SME (Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand – ZIM)) or the BMBF, the Federal Ministry for Education and Research are the focus of our development efforts. In this context, particular attention is placed on user-oriented development. It is in close cooperation with customers and vendors where customer-specific applications are developed, new market segments are defined and result in specific research projects.

In order to meet the high-level requirements of various market segments, the research and development departments focus their efforts primarily on product safety, environmental conservation, preservation of resources and new development sustainability.

The solid network consisting of industry and international research program experts creates a strong foundation and is crucial to efficient execution of targeted research projects.

One focal point of COTEC GmbH’s research and development department is the area of applied chemistry. This includes above all the product development of chemical and polymer based thin layered materials for surface modification within their own R & D projects, contract research or government-funded research projects.

An area closely linked is applied physics, supplementing the user-oriented development of suitable processes for organic thin layered materials. This includes the development of adapted coating solutions considering the related systems developments according to material and customer requirements. In doing so, great emphasis is put on customer service and close cooperation with our industry and research partners, enabling us to determine what new thin layer applications and requirements to surface modifications to define.

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