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Customer Specific Projects

System Engineering

Rapidly changing markets, an extended application range and ever-increasing demands drive our research activities.

The COTEC® research team is continuously developing new and existing systems technologies.

Those new application ranges require an adaptation of coating processes for existing and new products for surface functionalization. COTEC’s research team is busy developing new systems technologies and adapting the existing ones, thereby creating the foundation to meet the increasing demands of the coating industry.

Surface Modification

Almost two decades of experience and constant product development with polymer chemistry and process control make COTEC the ideal partner for surface modification by organic substances.

The COTEC research team is continuously developing the existing products of the DURALON series for surface functionality. In addition to hydrophobia, advanced fields of application call for the implementation of additional functions, such as anti-static, hydrophility, anti-icing or anti-fog. The long-term objective includes the provision of amphiphobic materials fit to your needs in a wide and flexible array of applications.

Our parent company SDC Technologies, Inc. offers functional coatings. For customer specific projects please contact SDC Technologies, Inc.

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