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Optical QT interval screening for cardio vascular security tests for pharmaceuticals

Fundamental work for functional modification of structured and unstructured surfaces.

Optical procedures for early detection of drugs that may lead to heart damage. The objective is to provide the pharmaceutical industry with a standardized test method and instrument for pre-clinical drug cardiac toxicity tests using heart muscle cells. Special analysis carriers allow for highly resolved optical imaging and meet the requirements of microscopy with oil immersion. The integration of biologically compatible electrodes in soft surfaces, as well as the oleophobic modification of the analyzing device are crucial elements for planned heart muscle cell research.



Hydrophobic and anti-static, optically neutral coating

Developing a molecular structure which combines hydrophobic and anti-static properties with the goal being a thin, adherent coating which does not affect the optical properties of the substrate.


Developing an optically inactive, tight and adhering seeding film for the formation of an adherent surface finishing that can be universally applied.

Developing an intermediate layer with processes similar to ALD/MLD and a finishing layer adapted to the intermediate layer.

It is the objective to develop new layer systems consisting of an intermediate layer with a thickness of only a few nanometers as well as a final finishing layer on top of it.

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