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The DURALON product family, introduced by COTEC®, realizes outstanding hydrophobic and oleophobic surface characteristics. It is tailored to the needs of the Optical Industry.

All DURALON® products are based on the latest nanolayer technology and the molecular structure meets the highest industrial requirements. By using these permanent, transparent and easy-to-clean coating layers different material surfaces like glass, ceramics or other oxydic surfaces can be improved.

By reduction of the surface energy, DURALON provides a high-quality surface finish against finger prints, smudge or other environmental impacts by including an increased surface smoothness.

Long experience and constant product development with polymer chemistry and process control make COTEC the ideal partner for surface modification by organic substances. Our development laboratory and in-house manufacturing provide comprehensive solutions for your requirements. We develop individually adapted materials, systems and processes for our customers.

DURALON can be applied in all common PVD chambers no matter if thermal or e-beam evaporation.
Additionally, we are offering coating equipment for functional hydrophobic surface modification with volume-based coating technology.

Performance and application

Although it was originally developed for the ophthalmic industry, DURALON products can be distinguished through their high optical transparency and their thinness at the nanoscale (8-10nm). Despite this thinness, their chemical anchoring onto the treated surface ensures a long-lasting performance. Today DURALON is being used for various optical applications like ophthalmic lenses, optical lenses, optical filters, displays, mirrors and other applications on glass.

Through our many years of experience in the field of thin layer technologies, we are able to offer you various methods of application.


The hydrophobic materials can be categorized separated by performance characteristics like contact angle against water, friction coefficients and abrasion resistance like described within our technical datasheets.

The products of DURALON family can be applied to oxide surfaces and glass-based materials. It is suitable for a wide range of products from mid-range to high-end products with remarkable easy-to-clean properties and outstanding surface smoothness.

*All values achieved with COTEC standard process in APS 904 in COTEC Lab.
**Abrasion COTEC standard as per ISO 9211-4 (2,5 kg, 15 × 25 mm, cotton cloth) and CA-measurement with Krüss DSA 100

For PVD applications, you will receive pills, packed individually. All you have to do is opening the bag and put the pill in your COTEC HCS or any standard evaporation machine. On request, these materials are also available as liquid products in bottles.