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COTEC® is an established and certified supplier of large area coating. Our focus on reliable delivery and the high-level purity of our PVD vaporization materials ensures that we meet the highest standards of this market segment.

Coating large areas places enormous demands on the mechanical, physical and chemical homogeneity of the coating material. Metal strips and solar cells, to name an example, receive an even, high-quality coating. Leading suppliers of large area coating equipment and their customers rely on COTEC’s PVD vapor deposition materials. Our products meet the high quality, reliability and long-term durability demands which are key to our customers’ success.

The ultrathin layers on the substrates originate, for instance, from physical vapor deposition (PVD). The substrate material can be anything from glass, plastics, paper or a metal strip. Depending on the requirement, the layers are metallic, dielectric or any combination thereof. The materials required for the processes are developed by COTEC and manufactured according to special formulas.

For example, active photocatalytic titanium dioxide layers are created during the continuous large area coating process for metal strips. In solar thermal energy where solar energy is used directly for heating, cooling and heating water, copper or aluminum strips in so-called “air to air facilities”, may be continuously provided with absorbent films. On the one hand, these layers produce low thermal emissions and the highest possible absorption. At the same time, resistance against exterior influences is improved.


Building heat management can be significantly improved by modern glazing technology.

Solar control coating, for example, may reduce the amount of light entering buildings. In order to achieve this, titanium, stainless steel or chromium is separated in such a way that it leads to increased reflectivity and absorption of the glazing. In contrast , thermal insulation coatings (LowE) are characterized by low heat emissions and contain a thin silver layer. This allows for a high solar energy and sunlight input, however, almost totally prevents the loss of heat through the glass panels.

COTEC develops and manufactures PVD materials for all these processes and applications in various dimensions and process specific purity degrees.

Our relevant products for the automotive industry:

Our parent company SDC Technologies, Inc. offers anti fog and functional coatings. Together our complementary coatings provide a total coating solution for a variety of substrates.