COTEC® is one of the leading providers for PVD vapor deposition and finishing materials in the area of ophthalmology. Our customers benefit from our years of experience in the ophthalmic market, since we are able to offer them material for the optical layer system, functional finishing materials and digital printers for progressive lenses, offering our customer a comprehensive tool kit for their daily work.

Our clients can enjoy highly pure vapor deposition materials in customer-specific, mechanical and chemical packaged forms which meet the individual requirements of a broad range of applications. COTEC covers the entire range of the most common and rare vapor deposition materials in ophthalmology.

In order to protect the lenses and their tempering, our products from the DURALON series include functional coating materials allowing for a final tempering as well as functionalization. In addition to easy cleanability, these coatings also offer protection against extensive mechanical wear or environmental impact.


Combined with the HCS series vapor deposition equipment, especially developed for DURALON technology, we provide our customers a full package for functional coating which is optimally complemented by the digital ink jet printer. This technology makes it possible to realize individual and high-resolution designs on superhydrophobic surfaces, adhesive, yet removable without leaving a residue.

Our quality management includes not only data sheets and certificates, but also our own test equipment for verifying material composition and purity in order to carry out detailed and reproducible inspection of the coatings.
Our relevant products for the ophthalmic optics:

Our parent company SDC Technologies, Inc. offers protective coatings. Together our complementary coatings provide a total lens coating solution for the entire lens stack.