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As a supplier precision optics, COTEC® is a company with a global reach. We contribute to value creation in our industry with our high purity vaporizing materials and protective easy-to-clean coatings from the DURALON product range

Our clients can enjoy highly pure vapor deposition materials in customer-specific packaged forms which meet individual customer requirements.

To protect the sensitive precision optics, our DURALON products include functional coating materials allowing for a final tempering of the components without altering the optical properties. In addition to easy cleanability, the coating also offers protection against extensive mechanical wear.

Combined with the HSC series vapor deposition equipment, especially developed for the DURALON coating, we provide our customers a full package for functional coating.
Our quality management includes not only data sheets and certificates, but also our own test equipment for verifying material composition and purity in order to carry out detailed and reproducible inspection of the coatings.

Our relevant products for the precision optics:

Our parent company SDC Technologies, Inc. offers with Crystal Coat® durability and clarity to optical markets.