System accessories


COTEC® provides filaments for vacuum metallization processes. Standard dimensions are available from stock. Special custom forms are produced according to customer specifications. Regardless of the system manufacturer, we offer high quality tungsten filaments in all designs and wire gauges.

Coil filaments
Peak filaments
Basket filaments
Straight wire filaments
Loop filaments
Spiral filaments

Please contact our specialists directly for details and adaptation of filaments to your requirements.

COTEC has developed special peak filaments with improved capillary action and capacity, which prevent aluminum runoff and contamination of products by aluminum spatter.

COTEC’s peak filaments are distinguished by the option of exact placement of aluminum coils available in various weight classes so they can be used for precisely reproducible coating results. The aluminum coils help reduce the consumption of material, costs and placement times to obtain high-quality coatings while drastically reducing process preparation times.

COTEC produces customer-specific spiral filaments for vacuum metallization. Our customer service, technical expertise and the high quality of each individual filament ensure the best coating on your products.

High purity aluminum for spiral filaments is offered in a variety of different prepared forms for vaporization under vacuum. A small selection of the available dimensions is in the table below. Other dimensions can be produced to your specifications.

Please contact our specialists directly for precise specification and clarification of details. We will gladly provide you with an individual quotation based on a sample or detailed drawing of the desired filament.