Coatings of just a few nanometers can be achieved with hydrophobic coating systems developed particularly for use with DURALON to produce ultra-smooth, hydrophobic and oleophobic surfaces. These very thin layers enable the tribological and haptic properties of the product to be adapted specifically to your application without changing the appearance or optical characteristics.

Coating systems for functional, hydrophobic boundary layer
modification on all sides

Functionalization to reduce wettability, growth-inhibiting or promoting modification, antistatic coating, anti-fogging properties or reduced susceptibility to fouling are just a few examples for functional coatings which can be performed using the coating systems with suitable material formulation.

Fields of application for the functional coatings mentioned include optics, display technology, electronics, telecommunications, medical technology, automotive applications, decoration, consumer goods or metal finishing.

Application and process properties
Standard systems and special machines
Application and process properties

The coating systems are already in use in many companies from various market segments. The quick batch process of about 15 minutes finds application in small laboratories as well as large production lines. Since the coating process is a volume-based PVD/CVD process, coating can be performed on geometries ranging from the simplest substrates to complex, three-dimensional as well as pre-mounted components. The coating is completely finished when the products are removed from the process chamber.

Standard systems and special machines

Hydrophobic coatings systems can be optimized for a customer’s specific chamber size and surface material requirements. The product range includes the following standard systems. Special designs have been produced for a great number of customer-specific product applications; please contact us directly to discuss your particular needs. Our development team will be pleased to prepare an appropriate solution for you.

The product range includes the following standard systems: HCS 100

HCS 100

Automated coating systems for producing 3-D nanolayer systems for individual surface modification.

The hydrophobic coating systems are fully automated to produce boundary layer-modifying coatings with thicknesses of just a few nanometers. Depending on the version, the production systems are made for small to large coating labs as well as laboratory facilities for institutes and research facilities.

All versions are plug-and-play solutions and are preconfigured for the corresponding product, including customer specific process parameters. The chamber dimensions and the vaporization process adapted specifically to these ensure completely homogeneous coatings even when coating complex, three-dimensional or pre-mounted components in a process.


  • Processing time approximately 15 minutes
  • Homogeneous coating on all sides
  • Usable for all product geometries

… in combination with DURALON

  • Manufacture of hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings
  • Creation of permanent, wear-resistant coatings
  • No contamination of the PVD system with hydrophobic material


  • Chamber and door heating controllable up to 65°C
  • Vacuum pump station
  • Vaporizer unit for hydrophobic material of the DURALON series
  • Integrated PDU technology
  • PLC for process and system control
  • Integrated in a 19″ housing
  • Customer-specific adaptation of product mounts to all product dimensions and geometries
System specifications
HCS 100
Chamber size (mm) Ø 600 / 500
System dimensions (mm), W/H/D 800 / 1900 / 950
Weight (kg), approx. 300
Vaporizer sources dual vaporizer
Substrate levels 2
Optional Rotary drive for substrate holders