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COTEC® is a well-established and certified supplier for display technology. Our focus on delivery reliability and the high-level purity of our vaporization materials ensure that we meet nothing less than the highest standards of this market segment.

For display technology, COTEC offers a variety of materials to act as PVD vapor deposition materials. COTEC provides the entire range for both the electrically conductive components as well as for surface functionalization. Our portfolio includes materials individually adapted to customer specifications as well as system accessories.

The user display surface finish is standardized using functional coatings which are intended to provide for easy cleanability, prevent fingerprints and offer a pleasant physical operating sensation. The special coating material surface reduces the biological strain on components, protecting the element areas from mechanical damage.

The purpose of analytical equipment, such as DURATEST or ATS is the repeatable and detailed determination of the surface properties, rounding out the production processes at the customer facility.

Our relevant products for the display technology:

Our parent company SDC Technologies, Inc. offers anti fog and hard coatings. Together our complementary coatings provide a total coating solution for a variety of substrates.