COTEC® is a leading provider of vapor deposition materials for PVD applications. Our product selection includes all usable metals and dielectric materials for PVD thin layer technology.

COTEC’s vapor deposition materials are developed and produced according to the requirements of our customers. We offer the appropriate material for your coating design, regardless of system type. Along with standard materials, we provide customer-specific formulations and compositions. Our materials are available as powders, granules, or tablets in various packaging units.


Each material delivered includes a material certificate with exact information on the composition and purity.

All vapor deposition materials are subject to continuous quality control, with the properties of all materials sold tested and documented by independent institutes and laboratories.

Customer orientated solutions:

  • Standard as well as customer specific solutions
  • Highest purity for outstanding results
  • Standard as well as customer specific packaging sizes
  • All standard materials available from stock, also customer specific stocks are possible
  • Single source for all materials
  • Process consulting
Along with the delivery of system and vapor deposition accessories, you have everything you need for PVD coating processes from a single source.