Metallization and hydrophobic layers in the interior and exterior


COTEC® has a worldwide proven track record as a certified subcontractor in the automotive industry.
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We provide an important contribution to the process chain with our metallization and surface treatment products.

For our customers in the automotive industry, we offer the entire range of headlight and reflector metallization. In addition to delivering standard solutions, we are also able to cater to your specific needs. The filaments we have developed are noted for their increased durability and dimensional stability.

For the interior, COTEC’s DURALON hydrophobic and oleophobic vapor deposition materials make it possible to protect a wide variety of components and materials against environmental influences, fingerprints and other corrosive influences. The cleanability of the coated elements is significantly improved by this functional finishing which also helps reduce dirt transfer.

Combined with our facilities, especially designed for the DURALON product line vapor deposition process, our customers can enjoy the all-in-one solution for economical, time-efficient coating and the ability to complete customer production runs.

Our relevant products for the automotive industry:

Our parent company SDC Technologies, Inc. offers anti fog and hard coatings. Together our complementary coatings provide a total coating solution for a variety of substrates.