System engineering


The ATS from COTEC® provides flexible solutions for performing these tests with individualized intensity. The unit’s modular design enables substrates of various sizes and geometry to be used. Customer-specific adaptation of the substrate holder can also be made to your requirements after consultation.

Load testing unit for coated components: to assess the material bonding strength, testing equipment is needed which can apply defined mechanical loads to the coating.

The flexible design enables quick adaptation of the load test. Thus various abrasive media, such as cotton cloth, rubber or steel wool can be used simply by changing the attachment. This allows you to adapt the intensity of the load test performed to the particular requirements of your product.

The abrasive media moving across the substrate surface are also additionally loaded with weights. Flexible exchange of the weights used enables individual adaptation of the abrasion intensity to the requirements of the particular product.

The unit complies with European safety regulations. Tests can be performed according to MIL-E-12397B and MIL-CCC-C-440.

ATS Pro: The product to test is mounted firmly on the substrate holder. After setting the stroke rate as needed and starting the abrasion test, the process takes place completely automatically, with the abrasive medium moving across the substrate fixed in position.

ATS Quad: The method for performing the abrasion test is the same as for the ATS Pro. The ATS Quad enables up to four substrates (up to approximately 70 mm substrate length) to be tested concurrently under mechanical load in a single process.

Compact, rugged design · Continuous speed control · Exchangeable testing heads and media · Customer-specific substrate holders · Exchangeable weights