for high quality layers


COTEC® offers a comprehensive selection of high purity fluorides for a great number of optical coatings. Fluorides such as aluminum fluoride or yttrium fluoride are formulated as powders, granules or tablets and meet international quality standards. They are made to your specifications and provided with appropriate quality documentation.

Individual process consulting and provision of customer-specific packaging sizes are as a matter of course.
Cerium fluoride (CeF3 )
Art.-No. Formula Purity Type Sizing
02003AC CeF3 99,5% Granule 2 – 4 mm
Magnesium fluoride ( MgF2 )
Art.-No. Formula Purity Type Sizing
05002AC MgF2 99,99% Granule 1 – 2,5mm
05000AC MgF2 99,99% Granule 1 – 3 mm
05001AC MgF2 99,99% Granule 2 – 4 mm
05015AC MgF2 99,99% Tablets ø 30 x 10 mm
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