COTEC® provides a wide range of products and process technologies, which are applied in different industries, from ophthalmic through automobile to special optics. Expecially, the consumables and materials are constantly optimized to fit the very individual requirements of our clients.


COTEC provides a big selection of PVD coating materials, especially materials of even and optimal grain size distribution.

In particular for ophthalmic industry, reflection and antireflection of the glasses belong to the necessary standard process, which significantly contribute to the wearing comfort and special functional features. Also, antireflection is increasingly used for the display technology nowadays.


COTEC provides a broad spectrum of oxides, fluorides and selenides for the manufacturing different kinds of optical filters.

Optical filters are common used instruments in areas such as precision optics and special optics, to obtain certain protective or filtering functions.


COTEC provides a big variety of highly purified quality metals, also in special forms and grain sizes upon requirements, to ensure the best possible results of coating process.

Metallization of synthetic material is a well-established process in automobile and semiconductor industry.


Easy-to clean is meanwhile an indispensable feature to extend the duration and improve the haptic of the products in different environments.

Easy-to-clean coating is applied in a broad bandwidth of industries, including ophthalmic, display technology, precision optics, special optics and large area coating.

Our parent company SDC Technologies, Inc. offers premium high-performance coatings. Together our complementary coatings provide a total coating solution for a variety of substrates and markets.